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The Cauley Law Firm is a full service immigration law firm. We have a driving mission: To help grow business and unite families through creative immigration solutions. We dedicate our legal practice to providing an uncompromising expertise in immigration law and utilization of state of the art technology to best serve immigrants and businesses; this allows foreign nationals and US companies to focus on contributing to the United States’ social and economic diversity instead of immigration law procedure.

The staff is experienced and equipped to represent business clients requiring foreign national employees, foreign national workers requiring visas, family based immigration, removal/bond immigration court proceedings and Citizenship applications. The staff is dedicated to ensure that you receive excellent representation and is committed to serving each client individually.

Current and Upcoming Visa Bulletins

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Knowledgeable and Professional

Mr Mercer Cauley and his staff thru their knowledge, professionalism and hard work helped me became an American citizen.


United States Citizen and Lawful Permanent Residents have the ability to apply with the US government to allow certain family members to enter the US and live here. The relationship to your family member will dictate the process which will be used to bring or family member to the US or help your family member obtain a green card if currently living in the US. We have listed many of the processes which can be used to help your family member.

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If you are looking to file for an employee to become a lawful permanent resident, also called obtaining a “green card” or you are looking to becoming a lawful permanent resident through your profession, you would need to obtain an immigrant visa. The Cauley Law Firm, PLLC is experienced with preparing and filing Employment Based Immigration visas applications. We can guide you through the entire procedure for obtaining an immigration visa if you qualify for any of the categories of available.

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If you desire to enter the United States for a temporary visit, you may be eligible for a nonimmigrant B1/B2 visa. The visitor visa is divided into two categories for temporary travel, business (B-1) and pleasure, tourism or medical treatment (B-2).

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Deportation and removal proceedings before an immigration judge can be very confusing and frightening. The Cauley Law Firm has had years of experience guiding clients through the confusing terrain of deportation and removal. Each case is different and requires an experienced legal analysis to ensure that you are receiving the best possible defense in immigration court.

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Immigration Reform

Thursday November 20, 2014 marked a day for new immigration procedures in the United States.

Prior to the announcement by the President on Thursday evening, our office was able to be on a conference call with the White House to learn about the new processes. The American Immigration Lawyers Association also put together a report from a briefing earlier in the day. This report explained how these new processes will specifically impact our clients and people across the nation.

We have learned that these new processes will impact people who entered the U.S. without documentation, people who have overstayed a visa, people who are victims of certain crimes, and people who may be eligible for waivers to obtain a green card. These new policies may directly impact you and your family, so we want to ensure that everyone receives information about the changes.

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